The Non-Blog Blog Entry

There’s lots I could blog about.

I could blog about my new appreciation for squatters and how much healthier it is to squat than to sit.

I could blog about “losing” my secom card for days (new school ID you need to get into buildings– essential when you have to go from one building to the other during the day), and then finding it on my kitchen counter.

I could blog about the health benefits of quail eggs!

I could blog about arriving to the 5th grade teachers office all ready to teach my two Friday classes (and so proud of myself for having remembered to pick up some prizes for the winners of the game I would play with my kids)… only for my co-teacher to ask “You didn’t get the message?” (that my classes were canceled).

I could blog about the dangers of purchasing candy for students and then, classes canceled, sitting in your office all day with said candy.

I could blog about the awesome granola bars I made this week.

I could blog about the booger-eaters which reside two classrooms over.


On second thought,

I don’t feel like blogging today.


2 thoughts on “The Non-Blog Blog Entry

  1. What's going on? Is it one of those days where everything goes wrong? Or , like myself, procrastination won over your blogging? Cheers!

    1. There was so much to tell, but I just didn't feel like explaining it all. So that was my roundabout way of blogging while not truly blogging.

      I jusr discovered that your comments were being classified as Spam and I just approved a bunch of them. So hopefully they won't go to Spam anymore.

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